Gaming Habits

Alright so I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember however the last few years I’ve struggled with keeping myself focused and wanting to play video games, I would go long periods of time without playing video games and it wasn’t because I had nothing to play. The problem was when a new game came out like lets say Assassin’s Creed Origins which came out October 27 2017. I would check out the videos and say “ahh that’s awesome, I want that game” but it would take me a year or longer to get it because I would buy up older games of Assassin’s Creed because that’s what I could afford. Plus I would buy up 2-3 different games of Assassins’ Creed at once so it was kind of a nice way to build my library. It wouldn’t cost me a whole lot to do that either which is why I did it, it was cheaper than dropping $80 on a new game.
But in my heart I wanted to play the new one cause that’s what looked cool to me.

This would constantly happen to me, I would get newer games at Christmas time. For example this past Christmas I got: Call Of Duty WW2 and Wolfenstein The New Colossus, I beat COD WW2 in little time and had that listed on my ebay account in about a week after Christmas. Wolfenstein I haven’t touched yet.

But since October of 2017 my gaming habits have increased  because not am I going back and playing games that I wanted to play for so long that I bought digitally and just haven’t touched for years, but I’ve managed to get myself a few newer games as well.
On my birthday my girlfriend bought me Forza Motorsport 7 because it came out a few days before my birthday and I kept talking about thinking about preordering it on facebook. So that really started my gaming habits… I finally had a very very new game to play.. Then at Christmas you read what I got, then my girlfriend of mine gave me a Xbox Gift Card  and with this week Assassin’s Creed Origins being on sale, this allowed me to snag up the game for the expensive price of about $10 .. yup just $10 out of my own pocket.

I know on April 1st my Xbox Gold needs to be renewed but with having a great selection of games at my finger tips already, I don’t see me renewing things because I want to play what I have bought over the years.. I also really don’t play video games online, at first I thought it was a cool concept but with some idiots out there it’s best left alone.

I also have 2-3 xbox cards that will allow me to get online for free for a week or so, which I would like to use as well, I’ll hold onto those for a rainy day.

So that’s my gaming habits and where I stand right now…



Cutting Back & Doing More For Myself

So later this year I have to renew two things, I have to renew my top level domain (TLD) plus I have to renew my Xbox Gold, I have decided that I won’t be renewing either or.

Xbox Gold
I honestly don’t play enough online to make it worth my while anymore, that and with all the idiots online that is certainly I can do without, April 1st is when I have to renew things by and as I said and have made my choice I have no intention of renewing this, I’ve talked to a friend of mine who feels the same way about his xbox gold subscription. I renewed it last year but I questioned it because they raised the price by $10 so instead of it costing $60 it now costs $70 . I get the reasons for them doing it and it’s not that I couldn’t gather up the coin if I wanted to keep my xbox online, cause I could. It’s more so because over the last year I’ve paid attention to how much I actually do play online and what I’ve noticed is one thing.. I think I might play 30-50 hours online which it’s not really enough in my eyes to pay out money to play online. So in just over two months I’ll no longer be on Xbox Gold, honestly I’m looking forward to it.

Top Level Domain (TLD)
Ever since I started to create websites people have been telling me “you need a TLD to do anything with your website” the fact is that is completely false. I have owned 3 different TLD’s in my life and neither one of them have done anything for my site. So later this year (March & June) respectively I will be getting rid of both of mine and won’t be renewing them.

So that’s partly how I’m cutting back, the other way is I have a few bits of paid software which they say one should update the software every few years well I have 3 bits of paid software that are at that point of renewing, well honestly they have all been replaced. Essentially this is it for those who are wondering:
Magix Music Maker & Magix Movie Maker & Corel VideoStudio

Movie Maker & VideoStudio got replaced by OpenShot (freeware.. meaning no money)
Music Maker got replaced late last year by Mixcraft 8 home studio for a cheaper price through steam than what it would have cost me to update Music Maker…  Right now Music Maker will cost me $100+ … MixCraft 8 at the time of purchase only cost me around $20. Right now I’m happier with MixCraft than I was with Magix anyways so the $20 was well spent. The only program I have that I’ll have to worry about is Corel Paint Shop Pro, but I just bought it back in 2016 so I’m currently not worried about it I will see what sales get tossed my way since Corel is always sending me sales to upgrade..

Alright well that might bring out a second post for me later today, we shall see.