One Of My Biggest Problems…

One of my biggest problems is I get ideas for stories but I have trouble following through with them, I know that’s why I abandoned “House Of Elmer” because I got really deep into it and I really enjoyed writing it then all of a sudden I woke up and was like “Nah I don’t want to write that anymore” I even talked to my girlfriend about it. Who told me if I wasn’t feeling like it then I shouldn’t write about it. It later got placed in a release just to show the world.

I think that’s why I stick with poetry because in short that’s what it is, just short poetry I don’t really have to plan long term and look at a second or third book… I’ve even had ideas for my poetry and you know where they currently are ?… Still floating around in my head making me wonder if I should do them or not..

At times I can write 4-6 bits of poetry a day and as my followers you’ve no doubt seen it, however at times I struggle to get out one or at times my brain feels like mush and I can’t even get one out so I post up just random stuff to let you all have a glimpse into my mind, which honestly I’m surprised I haven’t had anyone leave after getting a look into my mind.

I feel like I struggle with everything including talking and saying what I want to say at times, which is a good thing that I’m not required to do any sort of “press” or “interviews” because I think I would give up on writing or just do it more privately. I don’t really know what .

In fact I struggle daily with the “why did I create a html website ? … Not to mention that I renewed my TLD for another year.. I’m unsure why, it doesn’t get looked at as frequently as this blog.

At times I just like to pour myself out to the blog to a bunch of random strangers plus my girlfriend who does read the blog as well. I would like to say I do it in hopes of getting answers but that’s not really the case, because I don’t get answers.

But that’s enough out of me, for now at least



Dark Haiku Sex Life – Rating

Dark-Haiku-Sex-LifeSo with each release I get asked a question “is this for a mature audience ?” I never know how to answer that with some topics I touch because when I use to write it use to have much more swearing than no (which has none) and content use to be different. So initial release I put “mature rating” I contacted my distributor and they told me “if it was a movie would it be rated R or PG13 ?” I reread the book and I thought to myself, it talks about certain things but in no way does it commit to anything.. I have since bumped it back to “no mature rating”

I watch so many movies ratings just become a blur to me and why they’re rated certain things but since over the last few years they have horror movies rated in PG-13 I figure Dark Haiku Sex Life can also fit that category.

– Kennie

Magic Number Is SIX

Here I sit on march fifth just after 1am when I decided to combine my releases all in one series so far for this year… It’s only March and I have six releases, WOW.

I normally don’t group my stuff together by year, this is the first time I’ve actually done it. However it does make me wonder just how many I will have at the end of the year, not only that but I also did it because I’ve wrote various different forms that I’ve never touched upon and I’m hoping it will help draw people to other things that I do and not just the one release that they might have stumbled upon.

If your interested in the six releases


Now and Then..

From time to time I have the habit of starting some sort of writing project and things not going anywhere but things were already started so what do I do with it ? … Myself I personally don’t throw anything out… I was recently writing two horror stories and one superhero one and during them all I lost my train of thought so what do I do with them ?

I decided to combine them in one release called “Erased” so everyone can read them for those who haven’t already.
This isn’t uncommon for me, in the past I have a few books called “Lost Treasures” which turned out to be similar but for poetry that just didn’t fit anywhere

Hope you enjoy


He’s At It Again !

I said earlier today that one of the voices in my head has started to work on a new release a sequel, a untitled sequel at that…  Well he appears to be flowing with ideas since a little while ago he has started a second release as well this one being called:
House Of Elmer
Ain’t no fud in this one.

It’s another Horror book and it’s also on chapter one so if you want to read what he’s been up to:

That’ll be all from me for today

Untitled Sequel ?

So back in 2016 one of the voices in my head (aka alter egos) wrote a release called Unjust Love, to this date it’s got 67 reads.

That voice in my head hasn’t written since 2016 and that was his last release, he goes by the name Kenny Roberts

Well today he decided to write again, so far it’s an untitled sequel but chapter one is posted if your interested in that sort of thing be sure to go read it here:

Also I feel I should note that this voice in my head has his own website that I created on wix you can check it out by going here: