Wordpress, starting to make sense..

I’ve created websites, with html for a number of years and I’m starting to see why people have changed up to wordpress. It’s just easier for everyone. I’ve had two websites I’ve debated about bringing up to date with a old host but I don’t know, one part of me says YES another part of me says, copy and paste works just as easy and I can post it here on wordpress. It’s kind of less stress to deal with, maybe that’s what I will do…

I may not be able to do the domain with things as I would like without paying but after a short time I won’t be renewing them so I might as well make my home elsewhere with the sites and right now wordpress seems like a great place..

Guess I should get started…

So Screwy

I find this so screwy but I’m sure they have a reason for this.. I closed my facebook account and for some reason people can still send me messages like I’m active… But I’m not, I don’t get why facebook allows this shit. But I’m surprised that they don’t deactivate the messenger automatically when you close out the account because one could have 100 people message them and get no replies. But like I said I guess that’s how facebook wants to do shit, what a way to send panic out.

Anyways just find it screwy as shit that they would do something like that.
Wanted to share my thoughts, so there ya have it, my thoughts… Have been shared