Naked Munchkin Music

Yup you read that right and you know the one whose laughing 😉
Long story but I won’t get into it right now, but my girlfriend calls me her “munchkin” .. She often seems to dream about me or have thoughts of me in which I’m dancing naked in her head… It’s like her own personal TV Show.. anyways I told her that I thought about sitting down and maybe making music again like I have in the past to kinda break things up a bit.. She liked the idea but I don’t think she ever would have dreamed in a million years that she would get a email from my blog saying “new post – Naked Munchkin Music” I thought I would create a new track today, maybe more after this one who knows but I tried to make this sound a bit 70s porn-ish …  So here ya go



I’ve been a fan of @KJ52 and let me tell you something…

Alright so where to begin… A few years back I stumbled onto a artist called KJ 52.. Well I didn’t really stumble onto him. I was reading on wikipedia a article about eminem when I came across KJ 52 for those who are wondering (click here) <- that should take you right to the part about KJ.. If not it’s under the section “comparisons with other artists” .. He did a track called Dear Slim

So I checked it out and I was hooked, I had to hear more from him. So I bought up a bunch of his albums through iTunes and it opened the world of Christian Hip Hop to me. Since not many people who follow this blog tend to actually know me but lets put it this way I do listen to hip hop and what I normally listen to leading up to coming across KJ was stuff like:
Detroit $ykoe – Wicked Dreamz

or… Insane Clown Posse – Piggy Pie

So needless to say it’s a far cry from christian hip hop such as

But lately I’ve noticed that KJ has signed up with Pledge Music which is basically a donation site with perks, now don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining but what this does is it allows fans to support his next album by giving donations (yea forget the major labels) .. but anyways so if you go here you will see that you can donate to help him with his next album which I think is cool, each little bit rewards you. Now if you drop $50 (or $62 Canadian) you can have Kj call you up and you can have a 20min chat with him.
I think that’s rather cool, honestly would hate to see his phone bill after that one however I’m sure he would no doubt use phone cards or something like that to cut down on things.

I like the concept of the pledge music and helping out artists to drop albums, I have thought about pledging to support the album, since checking out the extras you would get with just making a $10/$12 donation would be cool. I haven’t decided yet but I just found out that the album is now out. So I’m hoping it will get listed on iTunes so I can pick it up that way.

One thing that not many people know is since the start of 2018 I’ve been listening to nothing but Christian music and the ones I’ve been listening to have inspired me to turn a new leaf when it comes to myself and my writing.