Two Books / Music Making Update

Two Books

So today I pushed two books into the distribution channel known as Smashwords. The two books I pushed are: Therapy 2017 & Not Your Average Christmas
Which are now on Smashwords awaiting distribution as I said, when it gets distributed it means that those books will be found on: kobo, barnes & noble, itunes etc…
so give it time, or you go direct to those links I provided to read that shit from minute one without waiting for it to go to your retailer of choice.

Music Making Update

The other thing I wanted to tackle in terms of the making music idea that I mentioned, I looked into it more further and honestly all it shows is straight up red tape.. All it’s going to be is stress constantly if I create it since everyone wants you to pay for sounds if you want to make money off that shit. With having my stuff listed for about five years and nothing coming of it before I got told what I did I honestly made ZERO DOLLARS so who gives a fuck right ?. I might post my shit up to be freely downloaded but I don’t know right now we’re going to wait and see, I know if I give it away for free nobody will have a problem with it. But I don’t know, I’m going to think about that shit for the time being and we’ll see what the future has to bring but I don’t want to think about it right now since I have many other things on my mind and that’s the furthest thing from my mind because I’ve been known to jump from not creating any to creating some. So I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Google Play = More Distribution ?

Alright so one bit of news I didn’t drop yet but here you go, I approached the people at Google Play Store. They have a section called Google Play Books they’re looking for new books but they’re not pushing anything right now they’re just looking so I tossed my hat into the ring, who knows I may get accepted and might be pushing my stuff onto Google Play Books, only time will tell

Question About Amazon

I know many have said “why not publish through amazon”, truthfully they won’t let you post for free. You have to list your books for money, so where’s the problem right ?… Well once you do that and you actually start making money you have to write to those lovely folks at the IRS and start claiming taxes with that. I’ve read about it, but honestly it’s way too much work for me to go through.

At times with how I label these things I feel like it could be similar as the tv show Life In Pieces ..

Well I’m done for now, maybe… possibly… who knows hahaa


Christmas Thoughts…

So we all know that Christmas is coming. For the last few years I had a thought but haven’t really stepped forward with it because I kept getting stopped in the same tracks. One of the things I thought for my Christmas list was “donation in my name to…..?” but that’s the thing I honestly wouldn’t know where I would want a donation sent. Most people say “do something close to you” well I could do something close to the family like the Canadian Cancer Society since Mom had breast cancer. But I would want something close to me, I think the only thing I could do is a donation to Sick Kids. The reason for that is when I was alot younger than I am now I had a hernia removed and I was in sick kids for that, then I got thinking deeper….

I had the thought of listing suicide hotline, no I never called it myself. But I’m sure many people do call it, but back in high school I did think about committing because of being bullied and harassed but I chose not to. The thing is not many people know that about me, I generally don’t talk about that side of my life to many people. So why are you guys so special ? Well I’m just putting it out there, it’s really your choice to read it or not to read it. I don’t know if people will look down on me for that or look up to me for that, not that it matters. I choose not to tell family about certain aspects of my life because my family seems to be very judgmental about everything so I hide many things from them. Such as the fact that I write speaking of which I took the time today to setup the books page on the site to show everything that I released at some point in time.

So my idea of a donation to something I would like to help, it didn’t happen this year, but I’m going to keep it in mind. I might do my own personal donation to something as my own gift to myself, I haven’t decided fully if I’m going to or not or where but if I do I’ll be sure to talk about it.

Last Night

Last night was a bad night for myself, had to make a late night trip to the bathroom. Not exactly how I chose to spend my saturday nights when I’m trying to sleep but lets face it things like that do happen. I don’t know if it’s cause I ate something that didn’t agree with me or what it was.

Making Music

So for the last little while I’ve been making music but that as abruptly stopped and everything I created was pulled from online since I discovered what I was making I couldn’t sell and that’s what I was trying to do, the license said that I could freely distribute but I couldn’t sell anything that I made. Needless to say it bothered me when I found that out since I sunk in a bunch of money into things already. So I’ve done my homework and I’m looking at another program, right now the other program I’m looking into is: Mixcraft 8 Home Studio I would buy it on steam, since I already have a few games on steam that I play and it’s the easiest way for me to buy things through it since I don’t have to worry about serial numbers or anything like that.  I’m sure I could no doubt use the software I have it’s just the loops I would have to replace, I might look into that in the near future. Right now I’m just trying to limit what I do just because I know the end of the year can be overwhelming with the holidays. But I decided to setup a link so if you’d like to drop me a tip feel free by clicking here

Well that’s all that I have to really share right now, not sure what I’m going to do for the rest of the day.