Kayoz TV Episode 4 – Being Recreated

The latest episode posted, originally I was going to do one a week, I might do two this week I haven’t decided since this past week none got posted online so I might do two this weekend.. Like I said we will have to see… I have lots of video to post up and I tend to mix old videos with some new music stuff I do..

It feels nice being able to do some video editing on these, the only thing I have done is an intro, but right now these old videos are done with an old video camera of mine. I have up to episode 10 in SD format. I then do a bunch of shorts and I have a bunch that got deleted that I no longer have, however I think they were just the whole “spur of the moment” trying to get views sort of thing… so I later deleted them cause when I went back and watched them, they were very much cringe worthy but I do start filming in HD format. By the time I get to that point I will do a new intro as well. I think that’s another reason why I may upload more than one episode this weekend is because the SD episodes are so small it takes no time to upload them cause they are all around 30-40 mb in size. However once I hit the HD I’m easily uploading 100+mb but that may also change since I upload from my video editor so I don’t know if that will have any affect on it…

But I know I have a whole lot of videos to upload both SD and HD, I also created a bunch of what I call “commercials” which are just random short promo videos that I created for one reason or another, I very well will be uploading those at random times… I don’t remember when I created them so those won’t be in order I know all of them were created back in the SD era of things…  So one of those may also get posted this weekend, we will just have to wait and see… They aren’t that great but it’s just the journey or evolution of how I’ve done things in the past.


A Number Of Years Ago…

So a number of years ago, I use to goof around with a cheap little video camera that I had. I use to film random things and post them online. The name that I gave to these video clips was “Kayoz TV”, using the last name of my writing name.

So for a number of years I had a youtube channel, however I quickly grew into not liking youtube and how they did stuff. So I later moved things to DailyMotion now I have a dailymotion (insert masturbation joke here) channel. But I’ve been thinking about closing it down, I’ve had it for a number of years and always on the look for something different but because for the longest time my connection sucked balls, I knew I couldn’t do anything but leave things where it was because it would take way too much time to upload it elsewhere.

Well as of late my connection has been getting better than it ever has so I’m going to move things to Vimeo. But I’m not going to rush into things since I have a limited amount of space for me to use in a week, otherwise I have to pay and right now my pockets are empty. So your going to get a chance to see me in some old videos, now I know many of you have never seen me before or have heard my voice. But that is all about to change, the first few episodes of these videos were filmed in SD (Standard Definition) it wasn’t until later when I got my HD (High Definition) digital camera. So I’ll be sure to post things as I get things online.. I’m going to get the first episode… OK well the second episode… CORRECTED AGAIN, the 3rd episode online.. The first two episodes I use to host on my site back in the day since back in the day I was on dial up and it was a pain to do anything like this but over the years I lost the first and second episodes but the 3rd one had to get cut into two parts… Once again youtube only allowed X many minutes at the time, but it didn’t matter.. I’m not getting into this…

It’s time for me to upload Kayoz TV Ep3 … I’ll post it up here shortly folks