One Way

We all have our own thoughts on what would make a perfect society
No matter one’s up bringing we all have our own thoughts for it.
I don’t think either one of us is 100% right, nor 100% wrong.

We all hold pieces to the puzzle to make a perfect society
Even Hitler thought his idea for society was perfect, we looked at him as crazy.
Saddam was no different, we looked at him the same way.

Every group known to mankind has there own reflection of perfection.
I don’t think anyone is 100% right, nor 100% wrong
Until we all can figure out what the right way is, we will all struggle.

Each of us will have small struggles, the world will have large struggles.
Each country thinks they’re doing it right, each country has there own wrongs
Currently the way society is projected, is being forced upon each and everyone

We all have rules and regulations to live by, some we agree some we don’t.
I’m not saying that we’re 100% right, nor 100% wrong
But it will take a larger group for a change to happen.

I’m not talking a large group of people with weapons, that’s called a war.
Sadly I don’t think this planet will survive another war on the world sized scale
Think it would all come down to a push of a button, BOOM! that’s all, nothing left.

The way the world is going in this day in age, we have lots of little wars.
So many shootings in so many communities, nobody knows what’s going on.
How many innocent victims have we lost ?. Being at the wrong place, wrong time.

How many lives ruined, how many families shattered, how many questions asked ?
Yet we still have no answers
I look at the younger generation that’s growing up, I don’t know if I agree with things

Not sure if they’re being raised right, or wrong.
Will they even have a world to live in when they hit late 30s ?
I don’t know what my future will hold

At times I wonder if I’ll even be around to grow old


Never Meant To Be

Never meant to be on this planet
At times I think I’m ahead of my time
But I don’t think others will realize that until after my demise

I very well will be the one they study in textbooks in the future
No longer Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe
Someone more modern

Someone people might be able to relate to
Sooner than later the past get’s replaced by the more present
My mind drifts in and out

I get swallowed deep inside of myself
Swimming around wondering what’s coming next
Stare up into the stars at night

Wondering if they will ever take me back home
Or will I remain my days here
Struggling on this planet


Voices In My Head

Voices in my head again, they’re trapped in my own skin, at war again
They all want out to say there own thing
It’s becoming very tough to keep them all contained

Getting agitated very easily
At times it doesn’t take a whole lot to do so.
They don’t even want to listen to whose in charge

They all want there own chance to break free
To run wild on the pages sat before me
I close my eyes tight to try and keep content

Voices in my head again, they’re trapped in my own skin, at war again
They all want out to say there own thing
It’s becoming very tough to keep them all contained


Little Do You Know

Little do you know, while your gabbing with friends
I’m getting your bags packed and getting you ready for your end
Of your time in this house.
Your entire life line is in my hands

I’ve got your whole world in my hands
I’ve got your whole world in my hands

Now you need surgery we shall see how ungrateful you are
I’ve gotten to my wits end with things
Like you I can hide shit too
But I only have one move left.

Your friends, I ain’t scared of them
Nor do I give a fuck about there threats toward me.
Bunch of fuckin wannabe’s, who are scared to grow a pair.
If they thought I was that evil, they should have stepped in to move you out.

But they just want to use your pussy to turn you out
Get that on video tape then hold it over your head
That’s all they ever wanted from you
Knowing that you were that dumb and easy.

Being played like a fiddle by those who say they’re here for you.
They only want to get you in bed
Then you’ll be an after thought, tossed aside.

But right now they got you swimming in thoughts
Of a paradise that awaits you once you get out of this house
So your biting your tongue so I don’t hear the real you
I already know what your up to.

Your on thin ice as it is.
I told you, that you could be here while you recover
What I didn’t tell you is I’ll be like security and always hover.
As if I need another reason to send you out the front door.


Blood Drips

It’s time to drain you of your life force
You never did deserve for your heart to keep beating
As you walk this planet slowly but your mind keeps retreating.
Trying to lie in order to get through life

Thinking that you had me fooled.
For years I would call you my wife
One night I really did open my eyes and seen the real you.
A demon spirit that should be banished back to hell

I know you continue to be up to your old tricks
But in the end your just going to get stuffed with diseased dicks
They see you as nothing more than meat
In the end you will end up on the street

Can see your future now.
Used and abused since you’ve always lived a sheltered life
Come crawling back to me, that door shall be closed.
You continue to take advantage of my nice ways

Another demon in my life that I shall slay
Once I’m done with you
Hung is what you’ll be
In my butcher shop.

An after thought in my life
A cautionary tale for what you have done.
I see it in your eyes, you think this is all fun.
Telling all that I’m the worse on the planet


You Remember

Remember that amazing night we spent until 1 in the morning
Just sitting under the stars talking, you curled up on me like a kitten
I gladly put my arm around you as we still talked that warm evening
Gazing at me in awe, like I was something special

I don’t even mean short bus special either
But that night you looked at me unlike anyone else
The way you smiled when you looked at me
Knowing we were both feeling those feelings

Wishing that night would have never ended
One of our favorite moments
Something so simple, just sitting out under the stars
You, Me and nothing else

What an amazing evening that was
Would gladly do it again with you
But at times I don’t think it will ever happen.
I know your going through a lot right now with crap in that house

I wish I could do something for you, I offer you to come over
To get away from that stress, hide here with me.
Let me hold you and stay where nobody can find you.
Being to tired you didn’t come over

Nothing I could have done any differently
The offer still stands, having you come over and let me hold your hand
I know it won’t happen, I can already tell your too tired make the drive
Even if I had that little bit of plastic, I couldn’t go anywhere

When I can’t sleep at night, I sit up by the window looking up at those stars
Wondering about where you are
Thinking are you thinking about me, good thoughts or not.
I still wonder how you see me the way you do

Not saying it’s a bad way, I just worry about disappointing you
Guessing that feeling should go now since I already have.
But I get the feeling it’s overflow from your other stress.
Since it’s no doubt got your brain a complete mess.

I’ll be surprised if I hear from you again
Always knew I wasn’t worthy of someone as great
Can’t say I’m surprised at anything really
Specially when I look in the mirror and say “why would anyone want me ?”


Coming Back Down

I’m not coming back down from this.
Brain is firing like a mad scientist.
I can feel the electricity flowing through my brain
Don’t remember yelling throw the switch

But clearly it happened, my brain is fuckin over flowing
With ideas, not sure if I can contain them all
But they all shall be written
So it’ll be written, so it’ll be told

I’m tired of people and dealing with them all
Just going to be rolling solo
Clearly that’s how I was meant to be
Don’t care anymore, just like how people look at me

They don’t care about me, so why should I care about them
I bet I won’t hear from people cause everything is one sided
Should have known that from minute one
The way things started I thought they were different

Facing uphill battles, tired of arguments
Tired of making plans and finding I’m sitting solo
Don’t care anymore, fuck it all
Never was any good making friends

So why bother worrying about that shit from now on
I don’t have to worry about anyone but me
Many ideas I have had for myself already
Who knows where I will start

The brain is creating so much energy
Just don’t care
The best thing I can do
Clearly I’m the worse thing for you

Worse thing for everyone
Nobody should have to make time for this
Nobody has, nobody will, nobody can
It’s fine, that’s what everyone wants.

Keep checking the front window like a lost soul
Waiting to be found, to be accepted
No acceptance for this man.
Never has been, never will be.

Let me sit in the darkness
Let the quietness wash over me
Please, I can’t fucking wait
No longer having to worry, or wait, or get my hopes up

Wish you would have told me I’m a inconveince
But it doesn’t matter
I doubt I’ll hear from you, it is what you want

In your mind your going to tell yourself that I didn’t want you
Clearly that shows it was one sided
Tried to be there for you, it failed
Oh well… You didn’t want me anyways