Taking A Look Back

I know many of my followers now are new, very little are familiar with my older stuff that I have written in the past.  So yesterday I was doing some surfing around and looking at some of the older stuff I wrote and some of the reviews about it that I came across. Yeah reviews do happen now and then when I write but for most part it’s nothing overly that great, but that’s fine.

So this will take you back to the year 2014, not sure exactly what sparked these two pieces of writing but they came out a few days apart, one was December 8th the other was December 10th.. I have them both listed in the series titled “High School & Therapy”

D – (minus) : yea that’s what I called the first book, this one was about bullying and harassment what many don’t know is I went through a whole lot of that shit in high school so I chose to write about it since I know that many do and with the internet it’s given many people a voice to speak out about it and share there own stories so I chose to do just that.

Therapy : Another one about bullying and harassment, but this time I decided to slap the readers into my shoes and show them how something from high school can still affect a person through out life.

Now on the sites I linked to (Smashwords) only one of them got a review and it wasn’t anything bad, however now and then I like to surf around to other sites that I know my stuff is distributed to and see if I have reviews on other sites… Well I did just that and one of the books i mentioned had some rather nasty reviews calling my books “disgusting” I remember reading them and I wasn’t honestly affected by the reviews I just kind of sat back and laughed at the one who gave me the bad reviews.  I know I’m not the only writer out there and I know I have many writers who will no doubt read this and perhaps even like this but in all honesty, how are you suppose to take a review ? If you take it too personally then sooner than later you’ll give up on your craft.

So for those of you who want to check out soem of my bad reviews:

For all the writers out there, don’t let bad reviews stop you from writing. Brush that shit off and keep moving. I’ll admit that sometimes you get touching reviews that make you smile and you’ll get reviews hearing that people are struggling to go through the same shit that you did and many don’t realize that others have gone through that shit.

Well that’s all from me for now, so with that I leave you with a music video:
Artist – SonReal
Track – Problems
Album – One Long Dream


New Covers / Distribution / Christmas Shopping

New Covers

Well it turns out I gotta create some new covers for my series “Diaries From The Field” I’m being asked no longer to use South Park game captures, DAMN.. It suited the story so much since that was what sparked the idea and all. Anyways I can understand why they would ask me to make the change. I never once thought much about it when I first started but that means that I got five covers to have to redo, I guess I should get starting on these things sooner than later. Most covers will be easy enough to do since I already have ideas for them when I glanced back at them so it didn’t matter to me. I should have been on it from minute one but honestly I didn’t think twice about it, oh well… Something to work on today.


Normally things are quicker than this when I release stuff but I understand why things took so much longer since it is the holidays and all. Anyways so two of my releases:
Not Your Average Christmas
Therapy 2017
Have both been approved for distribution which means if you prefer to read my stuff through iTunes (apple) or kobo or barnes and noble or one of the many others then you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer because they’ve been approved which is when Smashwords made mention of me having to recreate the cover like I mentioned above.

Christmas Shopping

Well I’m glad to say I’m now done my Christmas Shopping.. FINALLY, I’ve always disliked Christmas shopping… What can I say it’s way too damn peopley out there hahaa.  I’m fine with crowds but I’ve noticed that around this time of the year people are fucking idiots when they Christmas shop and expect everything to be catered to them, DAMN sometimes it’s fun just to stand back and watch. I’m sure we’ve all had those experiences when you stop your Christmas shopping just to watch a few people who are acting like two year olds throwing temper tantrums.. Sometimes one just has to stop and watch.  Not to give them an audience but just to watch them act like idiots so it breaks up your experience. If I had a experience recently to talk about I would mention it but I didn’t have one this year so I can’t go on with a great ole story.

As per usual I’m ending this with some sort of media, another music video but this one is from Canadian Rapper SonReal.. I actually never heard of him before until earlier this year or late last year I went to see another Canadian Rapper Classified in concert and SonReal was one of the openers. I remember getting back and looking him up and buying his stuff cause I liked what I heard I’ve been kinda hooked ever since.. so with that here’s SonReal – Problems


Until next time