Done With Videos

For the last little while I’ve done these little short video clips or “promo videos” I’ve also done episodes of what I’ve called “Kayoz TV” … Well I thought about bringing things back but have found that honestly people don’t really respond to them nor do they watch them.

So I’ve decided to scrap the videos and no others will be created.



The Way I Do Things…

So yesterday was Valentine’s Day, I get that. I really do and I’m fully aware that I dropped two separate chapters of two different horror stories I just started to work on. Honestly that doesn’t mean that I hate the day I just feel that if your in a relationship you should be showing someone you love them 365 days a year.

Why did I drop the two chapters ? I know that there are lots of single people out there and I know that there are lots of couples who don’t celebrate it, so I wanted to put something different out there for everyone to read and what would be the complete opposite of Valentine’s Day ?… Something horror, so that’s why I did it.

Which leads me to this, I always have thoughts of writing stuff like I did and I still have more thoughts to add to the stories that I’m writing however then on that same day some idiot does a school shooting down in Florida. It honestly puts things on hold for me, I always take a step back and think “damn, some people can’t justify the difference between fiction and reality” Which makes me stop writing horror because of idiots like that.

As I said I have other ideas for those two books I’m working on, I know I just released a chapter earlier today too. Does this mean that I’m not going to write anymore of it ?, I might take a break from it but I don’t know. Things like this always put me in a weird spot, I like writing like it because I have ideas of all sorts of stories and right now that’s the type of stories I’ve thought about writing and battling with the idea of writing. But then something like that happens and it makes me question things.

What if I wrote something violent and it influenced some idiot to do something violent in real life, how would that make me feel ?… I don’t think it would make me stop writing, but it would certainly slow me down and question what I do a whole lot more. Since right now to be honest I put little thought into “should I write this” because I think “yes I want to write it, it sounds like a great idea”

Right now I haven’t decided if I’m going to add to the two horror stories right now or not.

So that’s my thoughts right now


Honestly, I’m Glad

Truth be told I’m glad that the Valentine’s Day challenge flopped in a big way. I’ve been thinking about that idea since January and I thought I would put myself up for the challenge to see if people would accept my challenge. I know on my end it would be a difficult thing to write two types of Valentine’s Day poems one directed at women and one directed at men. I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but honestly I’m glad it flopped I’m glad it came up short.

It doesn’t matter to me right now if it gets the likes or it doesn’t.

My girlfriend told me she loved me today but I know I didn’t get a chance to see her, the only real love I’d be getting is “self love” (if you catch my drift) but honestly I won’t even be doing that either. Just no interest in it.

But my idea was to show all the single men and women some love in a romantic gesture but as you all know it failed so it won’t be happening.

Well that’s enough about that subject…


Old Covers

So I’ve been going through some old ebook covers I did and I find them not as nice as what they can be now, should I redo them ? Or do I leave them the way they were originally designed ?

Something I’ve been struggling with for a while, I know at times I get the idea of updating old covers but never know if I should…

Well if anyone wants to give me some feedback about that feel free.


Hats Off To @Wix

I have to say I stumbled onto wix a few years back and I created a site with them I later deleted it but as of late I’ve been creating a few sites with them and they keep getting easier and easier, not to mention better and better.

If your looking to build a great website be sure to swing yourself on over to:
to do just that, you can build a great one for $0 but if you want to do more advanced stuff with it then it’ll cost money and by more advanced I mean having a .com (or TLD)

I just wanted to point that out to all of you, no I’m not getting paid for this post or anything like that I just wanted to share that with people because being one that has created sites for countless years and now know that sort of thing has changed in terms of getting traffic and all that sort of stuff and it’s easier to get banned from search engines. Wix walks you through everything through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I’ll be sure to share a few sites I’ve created with wix in the upcoming days for y’all to have a look at.

BTW I’m still looking for TEN UNIQUE LIKES on THIS POST If I get 10 by valentine’s day… well go read the post.. you’ll get the idea


Every Writers Hope

I think everyone who writes hopes to accomplish one thing, that thing although sounding simple it really isn’t, that simple task is:
“To connect with people and help them through the human condition”
I think that’s the best way to put it, to show others that they’re not alone. Honestly the quote is from a Robin Williams movie (World’s Greatest Dad) but I believe that it’s true.

We are all trying to help out one another, at least those whom of which are writers we try to help others out and show our experiences and feelings for others to read, now if your going through something difficult it’s my best guess that you can read a thousand different bits of writing about it and they can all sound the same at times. But then you’ll stumble onto one writer who nails exactly how you feel. I know at times when it comes to feelings towards certain things one feel like “It’s been done before” or “It’s been said before” but honestly I don’t think it has because the basic idea has but if you dig down deep and let out your thoughts, feelings & emotions… Pure raw emotion then you can possibly connect with people in ways that you didn’t think was possible.

To finish this bit of writing I like to do something that I normally don’t do and that’s finish things with a quote..
“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” – Ernest Hemmingway

That’s all for now