Florida Vacation 2012

I get it, some of this maybe silent due to a copyright claim.. I wanted to keep it original but clearly I can’t.. I put in the request with youtube to have that song removed from the video so I won’t have to edit the video and reupload it.. Hopefully it works that easy, if it makes the video silent then so be it.. it will be easier for me or if it just makes for a portion of it silent thats fine too.

I don’t care either way it took me over an hour to upload this video which is 23 (almost 24 minutes) in length

The Goal / Plan

So my goal is by end of the month I’m going to have the last few videos I have uploaded. Although the plan is to do it by Monday.


I had two albums I was working called:
1 – Venom
2 – Ugly Music
Although I have given up on them as the initial plan was to have them released by end of the month but I’ve given up on it so don’t be looking for them anytime soon. I doubt they will see the light of day.


I have two ebooks going to be released at the end of the month:
1 – Orange Grey
2 – Grey Orange
they will be released on the same day both will be released through Smashwords and Google Play (yes I’m now on google play) … (click to see me on google play)

Kayoz TV:

Kayoz TV has uploaded it’s last episode, anything else I upload is just random bits of video that I have recorded over the years and now having a very good video editor in my hands I will be combining those videos plus with the ability of uploading longer videos on youtube that also helps

End Of October

I will be taking a break from basically everything… writing, music and video creating for an undisclosed amount of time. No I don’t have another blog that I’ve started on. This is basically my feeder blog that feeds into other sites, it feeds into everything possible in hopes of getting noticed.

I can’t say if I’m going to continue to write or not write.. but I may just keep it private for a while, I have no idea but wanted to let everyone know my plan..
By saying this I’m not saying that I’m going to swamp the rest of the month with things. I’ll no doubt post things randomly like the last few videos I have. but aside from that I don’t know what I’m going to be doing or posting

It’ll be a process, time will tell.

Back To Uploading…

It’s been a few days since I’ve uploaded anything new for video and I thought I would take the time to do one now since I know during the fall things are a little different for me. At times I’m more busy than normal so I wanted to take the time today to get one new thing uploaded… It’s currently in the process of uploading so I’ll post it up a bit later


Kayoz TV – Trouble Sleeping Series

This is five episodes in one, I’m liking the fact that I can combine shorter episodes into longer ones. I honestly thought about doing this at the start of things but I was only going to upload one episode a week, but severe boredom took over  and the thought of “how can I get things online quicker” came to mind… since I have countless videos that can be combined this seems like a logical option

So here’s your 30min episode… look it’s a tv episode hahaaa

Kayoz TV – The Cooking Episode


When this first went online and countless places it went, it was chopped up in about four or five different episodes. Well having the video editing program plus the enhancements that youtube has made over the years I was able to combine everything into one episode. I know I’m now uploading in HD cause that’s how it was filmed but right now my lazy ass doesn’t want to create a new intro for the show since I believe in one or two episodes the whole Kayoz TV thing gets dropped anyways and I just start filming things out of the sake of boredom.. but episodes will be all HD from now on and it will be interesting on my end to see how the program optimizes things otherwise I could be spending a good couple hours doing uploading since the raw files are sitting in the 100+mb range