Done With Keywords…

Being a webmaster for so long I remember when keywords were the actual life blood of a site, it would actually help you get views. But then the last two years every idiot would stuff the sites they do with every keyword one could think of just to get ranked and views. Now that in 2018 keywords have became meaningless.

I remember for a short bit I moved my site to blogger and I quit using keywords, when I moved the five posts or so back here I never used keywords for those either and I’ve learned that they get just as many views as anything else I do.

Most people use keywords as click bate… Just trying to drum up views on the video, since youtube does pay for that sort of thing. I know I’ll never see a dime from any youtube video I create since my stuff won’t get any views that will amount to anything but I’ve came to the conclusion that when it comes to anything I do from now on I won’t be using any keywords. I’m fine with my stuff going unnoticed. I put stuff out there to be found, not to trick some hapless sap into clicking on my video to get one view to get some derogatory comment.. By that I mean, I’m still uploading old videos that I took a number of years ago when I was still with my ex, I’ve had two thumbnails that youtube randomly chosen that had her front and center for the thumbnail for the video.. So what’s the problem ? … The problem is almost in a huge case of irony the thumb nailed showed chest & face of my ex and lets face it 99.9% of guys tend to get stupid when they start gawking at a females chest. I would rather not exploit my ex to get a few measly clicks just because of the fact that she’s a little chesty

But later tonight (or tomorrow) I will be making the changes to the few sites i’ve created and I will be removing keywords from all my sites and making everything as basic as possible, including on this blog which I’ve already started to do so. I’m here if people want to get reads, but I know I’ve never gotten enough reads or views to make it worth my while money wise but I know I can’t do that here on wordpress unless I upgrade.

That’s my take on that



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