Perhaps One Part Of Me Is Dying ?

No need to panic,  I don’t mean dying in real life. I just mean I can see me giving up on one part of me. For the longest time I’ve always enjoyed writing erotica now and then well I think I’m saying goodbye to that side of me. I still have ideas for that side of me but right now I just don’t care to write about that stuff right now.   I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now. I honestly wouldn’t be overly sad about me making this change, that side of me isn’t anything that I overly dedicated myself to it was more of a “hobby time” that made me write.
At one point in time I had bigger plans for it, but those faded. I could never keep my mind focused on that, I guess what slowed me down for that more than anything was more personal than anything… How personal ?, I get ideas and I like to test them out before I write them, however I kept getting denied on that front so it killed off that sort of writing.

That’s all from me, for now.. May make it a two post day



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