Thought About Quitting

So every so often I go through this stage where I think about quitting. As in not writing anymore and just trying to find something else to do with my time. I always wonder if I should just give up on it or not.

Recently I’ve had a friend get rather involved in my life who keeps encouraging me to write because she says “Your a great writer”  She’s lying I know she is 😉 hahaa

I think I start questioning things because all this time I’ve basically wrote poetry and I know I’ve ventured onto many other sites and blogs and people have said stuff like “This took me a week to write” and shit like that. Truthfully I have never spent that amount of time writing.. Anything that I post on this site I usually just sit down and write as shit comes to me then I hit publish and  the whole world can read that shit. As for my “books”, once again I spend little to no time on them. Most of the time I knock them out in a single fucking day, yea you do read that right. Most of the time I write that shit in a day and I toss it up on Smashwords and I let them do the rest of the work and distribute it.

I’ve had the problem of sitting around doing stuff and putting time into things, I’m sure after a while I’ll post up a book that will basically be “poetry from my blog” which will be just bits of poetry that I posted up on here that you all have read and I have slapped into a book format so that everyone else can read that who doesn’t visit my blog.

I always dabble into other forms of media, I’ve played around with the whole music idea and I have a bunch of stuff I’ve done for music. I goof around with video now and then. But nothing really sticks, I enjoy doing it all. But I have a hard time dedicating much time into any of it.

Once again I’ve thought about quitting. Yup thought about quitting writing, I wouldn’t know what I would do with my time. Specially now with it being so cold I can freeze my balls off. But I don’t know what I would do.

I’ve written many things, in my time of writing including one book that many have labelled as “disgusting”. Shit man it’s what I went through.

Anyways I’ll explain more in a bit.



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