Self Taught – The Thing I Can’t Do.

I know one can type in a phrase into the internet like “self taught” and look at ways to teach them selves how to do things, basically anything that one can do by themselves.
I’ve learned long ago and I still have learned that I can’t teach myself certain things, the big thing is I can’t teach myself to talk to people. I don’t have that ability to do so, it’s almost like I’m missing that part of my brain.

You can put me in a room with one other person who is the most friendliest person on this planet and chatty as anything, I can’t talk to that person. I will basically just keep to myself. I have never been that person to had that ability to talk to others. I have tried many times in the past to change that but nothing has worked so I have decided in 2018 that I’m just going to give up trying to change that about me.  I know for the last several years I’ve tried to change things about me that I dislike, I will just come to terms with those things and say “yup I may dislike those things but that’s fine, they won’t change”
The fact is the things that I dislike about me is usually a bigger list than what I like about me.

Everyone is all about changing themselves for the better, but I’m going to change that for myself and I’m just going to come to terms with things about me that I dislike. If that list grows then so be it, at the end of the day it’s just me who has to live with it.



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