Brain Stuck On High Speed ?

Have you ever had it where your brain was stuck on high speed ? I don’t mean in a good way where you get lots done cause you had lots to do. But today I tried to take a day to myself and have a nice relaxing day since I sat around the house alone. But out of no where my brain jumped into high speed and it seemed like it really really stressed me out for no reason, I couldn’t control my brain.

I was playing video games (Xbox One – FarCry 4) when all of a sudden my brain kicked into this stupid high speed where I couldn’t keep up with it and I didn’t really know wtf was going on. It does this now and then, at times it lasts for a day and I end up surfing the entire internet to try and figure out how can I slow my brain down or how can I relax my brain, at this time I haven’t found a tried and true method in relaxing or slowing my brain down. I’ve tried a few things that I have came across including listening to slower music or just sitting in a room alone and it doesn’t help.

It makes it difficult for when I try and goto sleep, cause my brain doesn’t want to sleep it wants to get up and do something which then is a problem because it doesn’t know what it wants to do. So I lay in bed and have personal battles with my brain which usually last most of the night. At times I wish I could just get my hands on a audio file of just someone talking, maybe reading a story or maybe just talking and listen to that in bed.

Well my brain got like that playing video games so I felt the urge to stop rather than over working my brain.

I guess I’ll stop now, going to take a break and take a walk around the house.. If it was warmer I might have sat outside or opened a window or something but it’s testicle freezing weather.

So for now I’m done…



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