Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy – Re-Released – OUT NOW

KenniesGuideToTheGalaxyIt is now official, that Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy is now out it’s being sent to the distributors today.

So you should see the updated version of it in due time.

If you’d like to read the updated version click on the cover


Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy – Chapter 7

Over the countless years I’ve spent watching the species known as humans many things still confuse me, however one of which are these things called thunderstorms. It involves a mix of thunder, lightning and rain… However the mix of thunder and lightning make me think I’m back on my home planet during the troubled times when we were battling other planets.

I keep wanting to run out and attack things in the sky and things on the ground however the problem is nothing is in the sky nor on the ground that’s any different, it’s almost like we’re being attacked by these little “drops of rain” that come falling down hit the ground and die, I don’t know what good they would do in those regards because when it comes down to it, it’s rather a ineffective strategy and it seems to do nothing, however the sounds alone are enough to make one definitely thing the end of this planet is coming. I wonder what would happen then.

However certain things happen during these storms that are rather nice, it produces nice smells and the storms in my eyes are pleasant to watch knowing that we’re not under attack or have to worry about being invaded by a near by planet. It’s always tough telling your fellow beings that you were being attacked by those from Uranus for some reason I can never keep a straight face when I say that. However when it comes to anything about that planet I tend to giggle like what one would call a “child” I have no idea why, perhaps saying stuff like:
“We destroyed Uranus”
“We exhausted our resources all over Uranus”
Other beings tend to find funny.

But since as I type and about to send this transmission that I have been warned that one of these thunderstorms are inbound so it’s best to keep an eye out since one never knows how bad they might be.

~transmission complete~

Kennie’s Guide To The Galaxy – Chapter 6

One thing I’ve learned about being on this planet is these humans have a complex range of emotions, that isn’t really a bad thing. But it can be difficult while you navigate your way through them. Certain things that happen you want to be there with the person and help them out however knowing the humans like I’ve studied you might be able to calm down the outside but the brain will always be going at a rapid succession.

That’s one thing that you can’t really calm down, you can just lend your support. No matter if it’s a support shoulder for them to cry on, a support ear to just sit and listen them get everything off there chest or a support sausage for…. nevermind about that one.

When certain things in life happen, these complex emotions truly do come into play and you always try your best to show your support for the person that you love and want to spend the rest of your life with.

During my time on this planet I have seen myself go through a wide complex range of emotion and I’m not saying I am a expert on navigating through them but I always give my 100% focus to that person when we talk because to me that’s the best thing that one can do. I don’t like giving a person space I know to some they might say that’s wrong however I believe in being there for the person as much as I can.

When a person is alone at times that can be bad, very bad.  My father has said many time to me “You never know what goes on behind closed doors” … by that he meant “You never know what is going on in a person’s mind” and that’s very true.

Well that ends my transmission on the complex emotions that these humans go through, I think I could write 101 pages and still be missing things..

~end transmission~

Zero Experience – Out Now

ZeroExperience-CoverI’ve been debating the last two days about the latest album I created, should I look at adding more to it ? Or should I just look at releasing it now and moving on from it, since I plan on calling it quits in terms of music… Well I decided to release it into the world, calling it quits then moving on to something else…

So on that note, if you want to download it, click on the cover to do just that.

This will be the final music album I put out, that sort of thing no longer interests me anymore but it will forever remain for free.

While other companies tend to pull things down that they dislike and that “doesn’t make the cut” for one reason or another, I have this habit of putting everything I do online and even if I later quit doing it (like music for example) it will remain online to be shared because it will always be apart of Coyotes Publishing.

So I hope y’all enjoy that album it’s my last…


Briefly Tried…

So I briefly tried to dip myself back into the world of html/css and creating sites, but it only lasted for about a day before I backed everything up and removed it. My html sites don’t get viewed and as much as I want to say that it’s a passion of mine to keep my html site going, it’s not really.  The website host I’m with requires for the site to get 1 hit a month to stay active and from what I see my site is literally living month by month because it just barely gets by for getting that one hit, however this blog has been getting much more and it’s just so much easier to maintain and do stuff with.

I also installed my sports games and played with them I don’t know if things are going to last with that, but I know for the last few years I’ve questioned if they were going to last, it’s like me and creating music… I know I currently have one release that hasn’t been made public but I think after that I may just call it quits… It’s not so much that I don’t enjoy it, because I do but it takes me so long to get inspired to do it. Where as writing just is a natural thing with me so I think I would just rather focus on that.

It’s not that I don’t want to do certain things like create beats or anything like that but certainly I have gotten to the point of saying I would rather write, more people seem to view my writing than anything else and I do enjoy it more.

I thought about trying to save my websites and moving them to blogs but at this point in time I think I would just be doing that for something to do because I don’t really think it bothers me if the sites I create survive online or not. Since I like having full access to things no matter where I’m at and being able to post things from my tablet if I want to.

I have also had the thought of doing a bit more stuff in terms of video but I haven’t really decided on that right now, I might play around with it, I might not…


Trying Something New

When it comes to cover images I tend to go with and give them credit inside of my ebook. However surfing around I came across this image
Which is done by a photographer by the name of Jeffrey Westbrook, so I did a quick google search and found one person with a photography site with that name and I wrote him asking for permission to use that as my cover image for “Two Faced” and I gave him a brief run down for what the book is about.

I have never done this before, I normally stick with Pixabay as I’ve said because I always get nervous when asking permission I guess it’s the fear of rejection but as soon as I seen the image I thought it would be perfect. I will keep y’all posted on how things go. I am feeling rather nervous about it, to be completely truthful however I thought I would take the plunge, it might make me a better person and more confident to do it again…

Keep ya fingers crossed


Next Re-Release Is….

SexKENSo I was just saying not long ago that I think the next re-release will be “Two Faced” however that doesn’t appear to be the case, in fact last night I got talking to my girlfriend and one thing lead to another and we ended up sexting … So it turns out that SexKEN will be the next re-release that will get re-distributed.

In fact it just got pushed out to distributors as I was typing this.. So if you haven’t read it and you want to, or if you want to read the newly added stuff then click on the cover and go read and enjoy 😉 😉