Done With Videos

For the last little while I’ve done these little short video clips or “promo videos” I’ve also done episodes of what I’ve called “Kayoz TV” … Well I thought about bringing things back but have found that honestly people don’t really respond to them nor do they watch them.

So I’ve decided to scrap the videos and no others will be created.



Shake It Off

No matter what happens, you have to learn to shake it off.
It may seem like a big thing in your life at this point in time.
But  it will be a drop in the lake that is your life.
Shake it off and move on, something else will come your way.

I know at times it won’t be an easy thing to do.
Sometimes it will be a challenge.
Sometimes it will even test you as a person.
It will be difficult.

Getting over stuff is never easy.
Getting through stuff is never easy.
But that bad thing that happened to you.
Shake it off and move forward

Something bigger and better is coming your way.
You have to gain the strength to get to it.


Hold On

Hold On, you got this.
No matter what life tosses your way you can overcome.
Never been one to say life will be easy.
If it was than we’d all would give up trying.

Forgive but don’t forget.
Always be cautious about what you do and who you trust.
Forgive others for the mistakes they made but never forget it.
It’s important to learn from your past experiences.

It took me over thirty years for myself to learn that.
For the longest time I would never forgive and hold everything against everyone.
Nobody deserved a second chance.
Not really the way to live ones life.

Hold On, you got this.
No matter what life tosses your way you can overcome.
Never been one to say life will be easy.
If it was than we’d all would give up trying.

Life is all about making more memories than regrets.
We all have our own regrets in our lives.
But certain situations made us react certain ways.
If nothing just live and learn.

You’ll be a better person once you get through it.
The struggle is difficult, life is too.
But nobody said life was easy.
Nor would it be error free.


Story Idea

So I had this story idea been kind of putting it together in my mind and it sounds like a good story to write however the ending is sad, the main character dies at the end of the story… It’s kind of depressing how he dies and I don’t know right now if I care to write it.

Let me go into more detail, the main character dies by suicide at the end of the story and my problem with that is as of late it seems like many of the younger generation are dying this way.  I don’t want to encourage it, but I know they’re trying to get the talk of suicide to be a normal thing not “taboo” so I’m struggling with putting the thought to paper and releasing it online.
I know what many are thinking “if you have that problem then change the ending” well there’s a possibility that I’m going to write 2-3 stories that go along with the one which is why I can’t change the ending because if I change one ending then I may have to change the ending to more than one book and I normally don’t compromise my work like that however it is in my mind that’s how it is when I write it.

Right now I don’t know if this story will see the light of day or not but I wanted to put the idea up here and see if I got any feedback from it.