Dear @kj52

Dear KJ;

Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Kennie and I want to thank you for shining light onto what appeared to be a very dark life.
I first stumbled upon your stuff through a page on wikipedia, I looked up another white rapper, perhaps you heard of him.. None other than Eminem
In a section called comparisons with other artists, it mentions you and to be honest when I first read it I laughed when I put the words christian and hip-hop together
At the time most of the hip hop I would be listening to would be a complete 180 as it’s called horrorcore.

To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern

Dear KJ;

The first track I heard from you was none other than Dear Slim, your words and style was sounding different to me, way different.
As I listened I started to feel the weight get lifted off my shoulders as I started to look back at my life, as I learned more about you.
First comparison I made was we’re both Christians, always been but it’s been kind of pushed aside along the way of my life.
Back in elementary school I even dawned the white robe and was an altar boy, something I generally don’t say much since we both know that a stigma goes along with that.
The month I came across you my iTunes bill went up, I couldn’t get enough of listening to you, it washed many other words and images.

To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern

Dear KJ;

Over the last year I’ve been touching on many grey subjects, nothing incredibly dark but it definitely hasn’t been that light either.
Went through a break up, still living with my ex so we both have good and bad days together.
I’ve always been that nice guy and with knowing she doesn’t have much coin to her name I would rather see her live with me than be homeless.
Sadly not many people understand that and I know I’ve pulled my hair out on more than one occasion over things that have gone on between me and her.
Anyway that’s all I really have to say, just a bout four hundred words from a poet up in Canada.

To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern
To whom it may concern


Busy Day Of Rejection

Busy day of rejection actually started early Friday morning.
On the phone with the girlfriend when she started to give me a hard time
I told her I couldn’t be on late, didn’t say why. Just didn’t want to be up late that night

I knew come morning I had a few jobs I had to do with rain in the near forecast
Last words she heard outta my mouth was “I give up”, since she wouldn’t let me say shit
Today the otherside of her came out, basically pushed me away, not wanting me

Tried to talk, cold feel the cold shoulder through messenger
Tried to warm it up, knew it wasn’t going anywhere  so she pushed me away once more
Told me to go back to my ex, hell she hasn’t wanted me in over a year, if longer

Getting rejected so much today, I always knew that nobody wanted me around
Nor does anyone want me in there life.
Give them a shoulder to cry on, nope. A ear to listen to them, nope.

I also know that if an apology happens, it would have to come from me.
Some feel they’re too good to apologize, so everything must be my fault
Not sure how that all got started but an algorithm could be created to solve it

It’s like solving for “X” when you don’t know anymore parameters.
Some how I get thrown into everything.
Should I be happy or sad, delighted or mad.

I already know something more is going on, but chances are I’ll never find out


Verdict Is In…. Or Should I Say Up ?!

Alright so my blogger, blog is now online… it’s setup all nice like with all the options one could ask for. I kinda feel like as basic as it is, it’s easier to setup and it’s got way more options…

Anyways so with blogger I have the ability to use my TLD without paying extra (which is a bonus)
If your interested:



Feeling Really Rather Bored, Let’s Try Something…

Alright so I’ve had this blog here on wordpress for a while, I’ve decided to try something and surfing around the net seeing that basically everyone is running off of some sort of blog. I want to know something..

What’s a better spot ?
Wordpress or blogger ?

They both have advantages and disadvantages lets face it, just like everything out there. Everything I read wordpress is what people say to start with, but how do I know that blogger isn’t the spot for me ? Just cause something works for the masses how do I know that something different won’t work for me since wordpress could be too saturated with similar content ?

So I decided to do a test I’m taking my entire wordpress blog and posting it on blogger and seeing how things go, the only difference is that my TLD (top level domain) will be hosted with blogger, but I don’t think it’ll make any bit of a difference with things and I say that because I’ve had it linked to an actual site and it made no difference. But I’m setting everything up the same, from minute one and giving all the same posts although I may drop the odd different post on each site… as a curious factor to see if one is better for me…

I won’t know if I don’t try…

Time to get it going, once I got it online I”ll post about it and give y’all the link


The End Result..

For those who might be wondering I did visit the doctor for my follow up appointment to find out what the results were after my ultrasound. I got told that I just have a fatty deposit on my face as it’s a common thing with men. Apparently it can happen on a man’s face, back, arms or legs… It was nothing to worry about


Today’s The Day.. :(

Well today is the day in terms of my doctor’s visit.. Something that I know I’m not looking forward to, already feeling nervous but I was feeling nervous last night about it. I have the feeling as I mentioned in my last post that she’s going to tell me it’s an abscess tooth and then I’ll get dragged across the street to have it pulled.
As I’ve always said I have always hated the dentist, nothing is ever a small ordeal with them anytime I go and I’ve spent more time in a dentist chair then one could count.

I have a huge fear of dentist, when I got the call from my doctor last week she told me “it’s nothing to be worried about” which sadly tells me it’s only one thing and it’s the thing that does have me worried.

I’ve been shaking on/off since I would say Saturday thinking about what the doctor is going to tell me and what the end result is going to be.



Doctor’s Visit

About a week and a half or two weeks ago my face swelled up and for some reason Mom panicked about it. She figured I had an abscess tooth cause lets face it I don’t have the greatest mouth when it comes to my teeth.. So she gave me a choice either goto the doctors or goto the dentist.. Well I have the dentist with every ounce of everything that’s in me.  So I chose doctor, she sent me for an ultrasound and I didn’t hear back which told me they found nothing and not to worry about it. Since from minute one I was saying it’s a bug bite of some sort, well last week I got a call from the doctors who told me they found something but it’s nothing serious but as per usual I had to go in for the results. So tomorrow I’m going in to see what the results are, I’m getting really nervous because I get the feeling that I’m going to get told that it’s what Mom thinks it was and I know how Mom will react she’ll gloat about it then want to take me to the dentist immediately to get it pulled.

I’ve always hated my mouth and at times I wish I could sow it shut so I wouldn’t have to use it and I wouldn’t have to eat anymore cause I’ve had nothing but problems with things not to mention that because of my mouth is what sparked my fear of the dentist, anytime they called me in for one thing it always turned into some big ordeal which lead to multiple visits.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I get one bit of news that doesn’t involve a dentist visit, but no surprise my stomach is already starting to bother me because it’s worried about what the results might be.