Boredom Made Me Do It..

Going through a bunch of old files I had backed up I came across an old site that I once created called Too Explosive For Ringside… Back in the day I was huge into wrestling and tried my best to get interviews with independent wrestling stars. I got a bunch of them done it was rather cool. It was all text interviews but back then I knew very little about creating websites where now I know much more.

So out of complete boredom I decided to toss together a one page website kind of in memory of the old site I did. Now I know I did this because when I last googled for that site nothing came up, hell for all I know none of the wrestlers I interviewed back in the day are wrestling anymore, I honestly don’t know I didn’t do any research about it but instead of signing up for a new hosting account I decided to toss it on one of my other sites just to see if it will get any notice in the near future.. It’s a thought I had, I’m not saying it will return, but I’m not saying it wouldn’t return. Lets face it the internet is much more powerful than it was back in the day.

Anyways if your interested in taking a look at my simple one page site



Naked Munchkin Music

Yup you read that right and you know the one whose laughing 😉
Long story but I won’t get into it right now, but my girlfriend calls me her “munchkin” .. She often seems to dream about me or have thoughts of me in which I’m dancing naked in her head… It’s like her own personal TV Show.. anyways I told her that I thought about sitting down and maybe making music again like I have in the past to kinda break things up a bit.. She liked the idea but I don’t think she ever would have dreamed in a million years that she would get a email from my blog saying “new post – Naked Munchkin Music” I thought I would create a new track today, maybe more after this one who knows but I tried to make this sound a bit 70s porn-ish …  So here ya go


Under The Stars

I can’t wait for the nicer weather.
To sit again under the stars with you.
Like the one night, it was magical.
Didn’t have to do anything special just sit and talk.

Spending time with you on the couch looking up at the night sky.
Curled up next to me while you rest your head on my shoulder.
We sat and talked, didn’t even plan that.
One of the most amazing evenings we ever spent.

Can’t wait for us to do it again, but this year many more times.
No doubt for much longer as well.
Smelling the night air.
Feeling the breeze through the smoke room.

It will forever be one of our most talked about nights.
Enjoying you close to me.
Enjoying our conversation.
I couldn’t ask for a better night.
Under the stars


Magic Number Six

I know it sounds a little evil when I say it like that, but it turns out that I have archived six books through smashwords that I’ve been working on over the years and they only got one or two pages in then I scrapped the ideas. . Well I think what I’m going to do isn’t so much delete them but what I will be doing is putting new books over the old ones. They may not get listed as “new releases” but that’s fine they don’t have to be. I will however list them as newer releases on my sites.

Since the old scrapped ideas obviously got scrapped for some reason

But that’s not the change we’re making..

Another change coming soon


Fucked Up

I’m fucked up in the head.
Will be that way till the day I’m pronounced dead.
I know that’s why many people hate me.
Never had many friends growing up.

They all chose to walk away once they looked at my mind.
Seen the way I think, wondered what caused it.
Then they realized the thought patterns aren’t normal.

I have a hard time being myself around most people.
Most of the time I get quiet and shy.
I blame myself for being that way, nobody else.

I’m a little fucked up, that’s how I was made.
My thought patterns are nothing like the norm.
I no longer need a reason to explain the way I think.

It becomes yet another unique characteristic.
I don’t see why anyone would want to be with me.
Not seeking a reason why I’m like this.


How do I react

How do I react to things.

Shes in the middle of it all.

I don’t want to hurt her.

So all I can do is stand and watch in silence.

Nothing else I can say or do.

I feel helpless in so many ways.

The horns don’t even come out.

But the helpless feeling is there.

I don’t know how to tell her.

How I feel, it’s hard to explain.

So I choose to write about it.

Hopefully she will see it and understand.

If not then maybe the helpless feeling will pass.

With time, I would hate to see her change her life.

Almost like watching her from the outside

Not allowed to cross the line.

She has to deal with them all the time.

I don’t have to deal with her friends.

Most just know me by name and nothing more.

Not sure what to do about anything anymore.

So I shall forever sit in silence.

Let her do what she wants to

Watch and be helpless.